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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Short entry

Assalamualaikum. Hi there! How you been doing? As if lots of people read my blog la kan.. LOL Lots of lots of things been in my head and everything seems disaster to me. I can't believe i'm actually reading! 

From bottom, i have to compose assignment about cases of Oh Hiam v. Kam Thong and Virtue of Contract. Then as the owner of the hotel, i have to do a project on a Hotel Reservation System. Hell that is complicated as women! ahaks Plus test on this Friday. Two essays in CB in Islamic Perspective in 8pages! and Al-Quran and Sunnah of two verses each of it. That makes me have to borrow 5 books from Library tercinta, hee. Managerial Finance is about to calculate cost of capital, capital structure, investment, financing, dividend policies and more more about to calculate. Then I.Mktg assign us to do project about Natural Rubber in Malaysia. I have to find out about rubber pulak -_- HRM assigned to interview Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Without the cooperation given, it makes me serabut! urghhh

Can you imagine how all these in my mind? All of these are between this week, next week and next next week. I can't concentrate i can't focus. I always doing things that distract me from being a good student lol! I think yoga might help me.  Its how you should breath correctly. Makes you calm. Whatever it is, always remember the Greatest, the Creator. 

Ouh btw! i found my old spectacle! weee :D

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